Monday, April 30, 2012

Ramblings and My Page Challenge

Let me start this off by letting everyone know, I live.  I have been scrapping still but my main passion this year has been catching up on my 12x12 layouts.  Most of these consist of pictures of my boys (they will always be my boys, even though they are no longer even teenagers).  Long ago both boys requested that I do not publish pages of them, they love my scrapping but once out there on the net, always on the net.  So out of respect to them I do not post any of my layouts on my blog.  This leaves only challenges, swaps and miscellaneous projects.  So to all those that think I have wavered in my craft, I am still scrapping, well, not as much now that it is not winter, but still..........

I am still plugging along at the page challenges over at SC and have done one page each of my 2 minis with the latest challenge.  First I have to say this was harder for me this time as I am not a Madonna fan.  Let me explain, the challenge was "Material World".  I was never a material girl in a material world.  I do not scrap with fabrics etc and this was a thinker for me.  Anyhow, my first page has burlap and twill ribbon, both a material product.  

My second page all I could come up with was some seam binding ribbon for a fabric.

I am enjoying this challenge but it is very difficult to pick up and continues every couple weeks or so, have to find the mini mojo again, so a real challenge.  Love it!


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  2. Hey Esther, your comment poofed, hope to catch you later. I got the bike off of etsy.

  3. Love the pages Miss Melinda. You are so super talented. Hope you are having a beautiful day.


  4. Wow another great job . Your pages are so amazing. Love the bike.

  5. Hey girl! How the heck are you? I hope well...hey, could you please email me at justafeww@gmail.com? I have somping' to ask you!
    HOpe you have a wonderful, safe and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!