Friday, October 26, 2012

Scrapbook Remix, the class!

For the last few months I have been looking for inspiration online for the ton of layouts I am behind in.  Layouts are my first love of crafting and I took a side trip with mini books for awhile.  Though there are many scrappers out there doing youtube and blogs on layouts, I just connected with the style of Shimelle at Shimelle.com.  She has a weekly video called adventures-of-glitter-girl.  So between her blog and her videos, I realized her style is the inspriation I have been searching for.  Starting this week for 4 weeks I am in a class of hers found here.  So far I have received 3 prompts and managed to do 3 layouts to correspond.  The layout below is from prompt 2 using the "B" sides of papers.  I am such a collector of papers and have now been using what I like to call a ton, so much so that I have ordered more paper this last week.  I know, its an addiction, but I like it.

Another great part of this online class is I am using papers in a way I thought I never would.  When working on this layout my husband asked "are you feeling ok, you are using pink?".  Yup, what can I say, I am evolving in my craft, but I am loving every minute of it.  I am hoping to post a few more of layouts from this class so look for them (but not too hard).


  1. I too am loving Shimelle's class and the creative adventure I have stumbled on thanks to you :) And by the way you look great in colour and think you should play with it more often..lol

  2. i'm a fan of her videos on 2peas too. so glad you're enjoying scrapping with her class

  3. I love shimelle as well melinda. her layouts are inspirational and i like her way of scrapping.