Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pop Culture Layout Challenge

You might as well grab a coffee or a drink while the cobwebs are dusted on this blog.  Ok, better?  Can you see clearer now?  I know it has been forever and ever, but......  No buts, I just haven't been on here.  Well, I am here now thanks to one of my favourite layout challenge bloggers, Kathryn.  Click on her name to read about it or grab another drink while I explain.  The challenge was to do a page on pop culture.  The first thing that came to my mind was Big Bang Theory.  As the journaling states in the little orange envelope big Bang Theory is the only sitcom I watch when I need a laugh.  My favourite tv shows are mystery/thriller like Dexter, the Following, Criminal Minds and Revenge.  I used my favourite colours in this layout in their brighter forms to showcase the happiness this show brings me when I watch it.  Thanks Kathryn for yet another great challenge, hope for many more.


  1. This layout is so fun - bright, colorful & the pictures you chose of the cast are great!

    I feel the same way about "How I Met Your Mother" - mostly I watch dramas, but that's always one I can turn on when I need a laugh!

    Thanks for joining in the challenge - I always love what you put together!

    Kathryn :D

  2. what a fun layout, and I love the title- lol!! Big Bang Theory is pretty much the only sitcom I watch, too... you definitely captured the 'fun and happy' atmosphere of the show with the colors you used.